Bar or Counter? Selecting an Island Height

17 Jul , 2017   Gallery

When designing a kitchen, there are many facets to consider: layout, finish, style, countertop, hardware, design, etc. While these elements will influence the overall aesthetics of your kitchen, you can’t forget the need for functionality. Kitchens have many areas where function should be considered, but determining the height of your island is quintessential to creating […]

The Rise in Renovation

2 Jun , 2017   Gallery

With the economy bouncing back from the 2007-2008 financial crisis, homeowners are finally becoming more comfortable dusting off their pocket books and adding value to their existing homes by renovating rather than buying new. The low inventory of real estate on the market today, combined with the desire to stay in their current neighborhood, close […]

A Fresh Face on a Functional Space

31 May , 2017   Gallery

Although compact and confined, Designer Haley Lohss saw big potential in this antiquated Carmel Kitchen. The small footprint made for a pre-existing functional layout, causing the material selection to be the main focus of the remodel. Without making too many modifications, this traditional kitchen was given a substantial rejuvenation. The two-toned ornate cabinetry was refined […]

Making a Modern Kitchen

22 May , 2017  

Originating just after World War II, modern design transformed the kitchen from a utility space into a featured room in the home. Soft color palettes, clean sleek lines, & man-made materials sparked the interest of many homeowners during this time. With the help of new technology and the advancements of the characteristics mentioned above, modern […]

Tastefully Traditional Carmel Kitchen

20 Feb , 2017   Gallery

    Sometimes when it comes to remodeling, the subtle changes can make the biggest impact in a space. This holds true for this once tired kitchen. The original layout proved to be functional, however the island was reconfigured for a better use of storage. The wall that housed the double ovens was replaced with […]


Simple, Symmetrical, & Sophisticated Kitchen Remodel

2 Feb , 2017  

Sophisticated Kitchen Remodel

  Between the minor structural changes and the major cosmetic updates, this once dark and dated kitchen is now bright, airy, & beautiful. The simplistic cabinet design combined with the dynamic white and gray pinwheel-tiled floors & shimmery Minera Cambria Countertops makes this white shaker kitchen anything but ordinary. By converting the existing pantry to a […]

Define Your Style

19 Jan , 2017  

Smith Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to re-designing a space, the style is typically determined by the homeowner’s tastes and the overall feel of the home. Oftentimes, consumers become intimidated by the overwhelming number of ideas and possibilities available and have a hard time deciding on the look they are wanting in their space. We have developed an […]

Modernization Transformation

13 Dec , 2016   Gallery

Sea Star Kitchen Remodel

From dated and dingy to bright and beautiful, this 20 year old lakeside kitchen was in desperate need of a major renovation. By adjusting the floor height, reconfiguring the layout, and selecting new materials, this kitchen transformed into a classy modern space.  The custom dark-stained frameless cabinetry combined with the painted white glass wall cabinets […]

A Bright and Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

24 Oct , 2016  

Smith Kitchen Remodel

What do you want in a kitchen? We find that many of our clients want a kitchen that is spacious and beautiful, but also warm and inviting. For most families, the kitchen is the area where meals are prepared and shared. We love creating spaces that allow people to enjoy spending time together. In this […]

Two Rooms Into One: A Kitchen Transformation

20 Sep , 2016  

Radliff Kitchen Remodel

Many of the homeowners we work with want to make their homes feel larger and more open. Sometimes that means making two rooms into one. In a recent remodel, we tore down walls to create a beautiful and spacious kitchen for our client. As you can see, the kitchen and dining area in this home […]

How to Care for Granite

1 Aug , 2016  

How to Care for Granite | The Affordable Companies

Granite countertops are an extremely popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms these days and it’s easy to see why. These countertops are gorgeous but it’s important to know how to care for granite properly. How do you protect your granite countertop from staining and damage? Is it possible to keep your granite looking as beautiful […]

Modern Luxury | A Multi-Room Remodel

11 Jul , 2016  

O'sullivan remodel project in Carmel Indiana

On most of our projects, we work at one room at a time for our clients. However, sometimes we get the opportunity to transform many spaces in a home at once, which is always a special treat. In this recent project, we provided cabinetry, flooring, and countertops for a design created by the incredibly talented […]

Our Most Popular Houzz Posts

20 Apr , 2016  


If you’re looking for home design inspiration, there’s no better place than Houzz. Houzz is a website that allows users to view home and landscaping projects from all over the world, and to curate their favorites. Users can also ask questions directly to those who worked on the project. It’s a great place to find […]

Amazing Kitchen Before and After

1 Apr , 2016  

White Cabinet Kitchen After

Many of the kitchen projects we work on start in the same way — with heavy, dark cabinetry that closes off the room and makes it feel dated. We had just such a challenge with a recent kitchen remodel, and we were able to successfully transform the room to a modern and spacious place to […]

Bathrooms, Kitchens

Determining Your Remodeling Budget: Cost vs. Value

24 Jan , 2016  

remodeling budget calculator

Skip to The Remodeling Budget Calculator One of the most common topics our clients ask us about when it comes to remodeling is the budget. People want to know what they can expect to spend on a remodel and where that money is going. Understanding how much a project will cost will help determine the scope […]

The Affordable Companies at the Indianapolis Home Show

12 Jan , 2016  

One of our favorite things to do is talk with people about the updates they want to make to their homes, so we can help them find solutions. That’s why we’re so excited about being a part of this year’s Indianapolis Home Show. The Indianapolis Home Show allows local homeowners the opportunity to see all […]

Important Steps to Winterize Your Home

10 Nov , 2015  

Goldfarb kitchen remodel in Carmel Indiana

We’ve had unseasonably warm fall, but the harsh reality is that winter is right around the corner. Temperatures will be dropping soon, and it’s important to make sure your home is ready, so you can avoid disaster when it’s below freezing. What should you do to prepare for cold weather? Here are our tips for […]

Renovation TV Shows: Myth or Reality?

23 Oct , 2015  

Hardwood Floors

If you’re like us, you love a good renovation show on HGTV or the DIY network. It’s always fun to see a home transformed from awful to amazing in just under thirty minutes. However, sometimes what you see on television doesn’t exactly reflect reality. We’ve done hundreds of bathroom and kitchen remodels, and installed thousands […]

4 Reasons Fall is a Great Time to Remodel

7 Oct , 2015  

Murphy Remodel

Fall has officially arrived in Indiana! That means cooler weather, changing leaves, and of course, Colts football. But did you know that fall is also a great time to remodel your home? Remodeling is a great way to improve your home any time of year, but we think this fall is an especially good time […]

Quartz Versus Granite: Which is the Better Countertop?

12 Sep , 2015  

Murphy Remodel

For years, granite has been the standard when it comes to high-end countertops. Homeowners have turned to granite to add beauty to their kitchen and add value to their homes. Lately, however, quartz countertops have become more and more popular, and we’re seeing them show up in more and more kitchens. Quartz or Granite? Which […]

Kitchens | Pendant Lighting Brings Style and Illumination

19 Aug , 2015  

Pendant Light

When it comes to kitchen lighting, pendant lights are a great choice for blending function and style. Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling, and work well over a counter top or island to provide lighting for food preparation and service. With pendant lighting, an odd number of lights is usually preferable. We recommend installing […]


Before & After | 3 Kitchen Updates with Major Impact

29 Jul , 2015  

A common misconception about remodeling your kitchen is that you need to tear out and completely change everything to transform the space. Oftentimes, it only takes a few kitchen updates to make a big difference in your kitchen. My team recently completed a project with Nyla Kurtz of MD Dezinz in which three kitchen updates made a […]

What is Semi-Custom Cabinetry?

23 Apr , 2015  

Medallion Cabinets

I meet many homeowners who dream of having custom cabinets in their kitchen. I can’t say that I blame them; who wouldn’t love to have cabinets specifically designed for their space? Fully custom cabinets offer maximum flexibility, but they are also the most expensive cabinet option. These cabinets don’t always fit our clients’ budget. How […]

Get Ready for the 2014 Home-A-Rama

26 Mar , 2014  

Each year, the Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis puts on the Home-A-Rama event to showcase the latest building trends and innovations. Centered on 5 newly constructed homes, Home-A-Rama offers the public a chance to tour state-of-the-art builds, and learn more about the companies behind the designs. Companies around the city have been hard at work […]

7 Tips for a Better, More Efficient Kitchen

9 Oct , 2013  

Q: My kitchen is chaos, help! What are some simple things I can do to improve my kitchen? A: Eating will never go out of fashion. We will always need a place in the home where we can easily and safely prepare our food. The kitchen! Here are a few tips to help make your […]

How to Choose Chrome Bathroom Accessories

3 Oct , 2013  

Q: How do I choose the right chrome accessories for my bathroom?  A: The beauty and variety of chrome bathroom accessories that are available on the market today are enough to make your head dizzy! We understand! If you have chosen chrome for your bathroom accessories, there will not be a short supply of options. […]

It's All About the Kitchen Color

30 Sep , 2013  

Q. What impression will the color of my kitchen give off? Are there any recommendations for specific colors to use or not use? A. Your kitchen design will definitely make an impression on those who enter it. If you’re interested in adding value to your home (and who isn’t?!), you should give careful attention to […]

The Seaside/Coastal Style You've Been Looking For

27 Sep , 2013  

Q: What types of kitchen flooring, cabinetry, etc. would you recommend for a more coastal style?   A. If you’re going for a seaside or coastal feel, we can help you sort through some of the most popular ways to achieve your design. From selecting the color to considering your walls, kitchen furniture and more, […]

Using Wood in The Kitchen

25 Sep , 2013  

Q: I’m thinking about using wood throughout my kitchen, but want to know how wood will affect the overall look and feel.   A: To start, wood is a great material to use for a variety of your kitchen upgrades, be it your cabinetry, flooring or countertops. You are right that the materials in your […]

The Modern Kitchen Sink

23 Sep , 2013  

Q: In selecting sinks, there are so many designs and choices. Can you help me sift through the different choices?   A: Today, most homes that are being build or renovated have moved on from the generic white sink. Sinks in today’s modern kitchen range from colorful glass vessel basins to farmhouse units to freestanding […]

Kitchen Flooring in Rental Properties

20 Sep , 2013  

Q: I own several rental properties and am looking at renovating the kitchen floors. I want something that is durable but that also looks nice. What should I use?    A: When it comes to choosing the right rental property, flooring is really up to you. Here are a few things to take into consideration: […]

How Granite Countertops Can Get Your Home Off The Market

19 Sep , 2013  

Q: How will installing a granite countertop improve the “sell-ability” of my home?   A: While granite countertops have been popular in higher end homes for quite some time, they are becoming increasingly more popular and frequent in other homes as well. If you’re looking to sell your home, you can be sure that granite […]

Glass in Cabinetry

18 Sep , 2013  

Q: What sorts of glass options are there and how can I determine which type will be best for my kitchen?     A: Glass inserts in your cabinet doors can be a great way to compromise between solid cabinet doors and open shelving. You get all the advantages of your closed door cabinets (dust […]

Farm and Rustic Country Kitchens

16 Sep , 2013  

Q. What farm-centric or styled fixtures and kitchen looks could you point me to that we could consider for our rural home?   A. The farmhouse kitchen is certainly one of the many popular styles that even city folk are adopting! If you are looking to add more of that rustic look and feel to […]

Taking Your Kitchen from Status Quo to Classy

13 Sep , 2013  

Q: What are some considerations I should think through in choosing a backsplash for my kitchen?    A: A well-designed backsplash will draw your guest’s eye quicker than many other accent or decorative features in your kitchen. The number of designs and possibilities are numerous, but some of the most popular include travertine, slate, granite, […]

Exhaust Hood

11 Sep , 2013  

  Q: I am seeing some really austere looking hoods on Pinterest and wonder what guiding principles I should be thinking about.   A. We’ve had plenty of questions about exhaust hoods come in and would be happy to give you the basics of choosing your own. If you’re worried about allergies and interested in […]

Backsplash for My Basement Bar?

9 Sep , 2013  

Q: We are planning to upgrade our basement here in the near future and are wondering what the trends are for putting in backsplashes in the basement. Are they a no-go or are they trending now? A: Yes, of course you can put a backsplash in your basement bar or mini kitchen. Most homeowners who […]

Bring Your Home Up-to-Date with this Year’s Color Trends

6 Sep , 2013  

Q: I’m searching for a fast way to catch attention and bring out the best colors in my house. What are the top trends in color to follow this year? A: Go from drab to dynamic in just days with these hot color trends. The colors Without a doubt today’s popular color trends reflect the […]

Easy Storage Ideas to De-Clutter Your Home

4 Sep , 2013  

Q: Can you share some ideas for storage and any other solutions you might have to offer? A: A key element in getting storage right is to make it look clean, spacious, and presentable. Here are some quick tips on how to clear the clutter with these quick and easy storage solutions that keep your […]

Choosing the Best Kitchen Island

3 Sep , 2013  

Q: What are some of the advantages of an island and what size should I consider A: A kitchen island is a stylish solution to the problem of finding usable workspace in a class home kitchen. In fact, the proper selection of required materials such as tile, stainless steel, wood and stone for the kitchen […]

Choosing the Color For Cabinets & Appliances

2 Sep , 2013  

Q: I’m torn between the sleek look of stainless steel and the clean lines and look of all white. What other facts should I consider in making my decision for my kitchen? A. Many homeowners in the US love the look and feel of stainless steel because of its sleekness, though white appliances overseas are […]

Kitchen Remodel Advantages

28 Aug , 2013  

Q: What are advantages to remodeling my kitchen?  A: If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you are probably doing a mental checklist of what benefits your remodel will bring. Here are some of what are almost unlimited benefits: Increase the Market Value of Your Home Perhaps, one of the biggest benefits of having […]

Kitchen Renovation Advice

23 Aug , 2013  

Q. What advice can you share for those about to embark on a kitchen re-design? A. Remodeling the kitchen can be quite overwhelming for most of the homeowners. However, careful planning before embarking the kitchen re-design can save you time, money and frustration from unexpected delays. Here are few things that should be done prior […]

What to Look for When Re-Doing Your Kitchen

22 Aug , 2013  

Q. What are people looking for when they redo their kitchens? A. There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to people looking to remodel their kitchen. There are different occasions when one considers making some changes to their kitchen’s current design, layout and décor. Out of all the reasons, convenience is the driving factor […]

The Best Place to Put a Microwave

7 Aug , 2013  

Q. Where’s the best place to put a microwave? A. Most of the time, finding a place for the microwave drives homeowners crazy.  It’s not an appliance which you can put in just any place. The first step is to determine your requirements for the size and function of the microwave.  Microwaves come in various […]

Creating Kitchen Space Without Losing Storage

31 Jul , 2013  

Q. My family loves cooking together, but with my husband, our kids, and myself the kitchen can become cramped.  How can I make our kitchen bigger without losing the storage space I currently have?  A. Regardless of the size of kitchen, high traffic can make it appear too small. Fortunately, it is possible to achieve […]

When to Begin a Home Improvement Project

29 Jul , 2013  

Q. My kitchen AND bathroom need remodeled.  With this large task ahead of me, I don’t know when the best time to start would be. When is the best time to start a home improvement project? A. Are you are planning to breathe new life to your kitchen and bathroom? Hold that thought. Before beginning […]

Adding Storage Space to Your Kitchen

20 Jul , 2013  

Q. No matter what I do, I always seem to run out of space for storing things in my kitchen! What can I do to add storage space to my kitchen without giving it an entire makeover? A. If your kitchen is lacking in storage space; it can becomes difficult to keep it organized and […]

Kitchen Renovation Time Table

19 Jul , 2013  

Q. How long does a kitchen renovation typically take? A. A kitchen remodel is definitely not a quick, weekend project. It is very likely to leave your kitchen unusable for multiple weeks as you move forward towards completion. Home improvement projects require extensive research from magazines, books, the Internet (Pinterest, etc.), to collect design inspiration. […]

How To Avoid an Outdated Kitchen

17 Jul , 2013  

Q. How do I ensure my kitchen won’t become dated? A. While there is no absolute guarantee for this, you still can ensure a timeless design by planning a clear concept. Listed below are a few ways in which you can keep your kitchen from becoming, the dreaded word, outdated.  Consult a Professional: One of the […]

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