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All Under One Roof

3 Jun , 2014  

Q: What is the major advantage when working with The Affordable Companies over others? A: “We have a great team that can help you deliver your dream kitchen,” sales consultant Carlie Crousore explains from The Affordable Companies. Whether you’re looking for a kitchen on a budget, hoping for help setting your renovation vision, or need […]

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring – Many Different Color and Finish Selections

23 May , 2014  

Q: Is it better to use prefinished or unfinished wood when it comes to renovating our floors? A: Prefinished hardwood flooring has undergone many changes since hardwood flooring has become the choice for flooring in homes. At one time, when you purchased hardwood, you bought the wood unfinished. This meant that when you had it […]

Three Popular Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your Bathroom

20 May , 2014  

Q: Why should I renovate my bathroom? A: Each year, thousands, if not millions, of homeowners make the decision to renovate their bathrooms. There are a lot of great reasons to do so. We’ve compiled three that stand out as some of the most popular: 1. Increased Home Value: One of the many benefits of […]

How to Plan For Kitchen Renovation

15 May , 2014  

Q: What are some tips and/or steps we should consider before jumping into our kitchen renovation project? A: Kitchen renovations are one of the most desirable home improvement projects for homeowners. A new kitchen increases the value of your home, not to mention making your life easier. We’ve organized steps that you should take when […]

Selecting the Best Cabinet Design for Your Kitchen

15 May , 2014  

Q: We are looking to update the kitchen on a budget? Where should we start? Upgrading the cabinets in your kitchen can improve the looks of it dramatically.  If you are looking to do a full-scale kitchen renovation, but don’t feel you have either the financial resources or time to commit to it, consider starting […]

Remodel Your Bathroom for Big Returns

13 May , 2014  

Q: What are some ways I can give my bathroom a “facelift” without a complete renovation? A: Every year, numerous people plan and start a home renovation project. Unfortunately, these same people don’t know what part of their house to renovate. That being said, if you’ve ever spoken to a real-estate agent, you probably know […]

Quartz Countertops, Anyone?

13 May , 2014  

Q: Does using quartz for your countertops in your kitchen increase your home resale value? A: Yes, and it is especially true in the current housing market. Depending on how the market in your area is, and many are buyer’s markets now, renovation trends indicate that houses are in the market longer and potential buyers […]

The Affordable Companies Appearing at Home-A-Rama 2014

2 May , 2014  

Homeowners and design enthusiasts from the Indianapolis area should mark their calendars for this year’s Home-A-Rama showcase, hosted by the Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis. Each year, the Home-A-Rama event showcases the latest building trends and innovations, and this year’s show will feature 5 newly constructed, state-of-the-art homes. Attendees will get the chance to see […]

Factors to Consider When Choosing Granite Tile Flooring or Countertops for Your Home

1 May , 2014  

Q: I love the look of granite and want to know more about its properties, quality, etc. A: Granite is composed of several minerals such as quartz, silica, mica, obsidian and feldspar. People like to use granite due to its beauty and resilient properties. Slabs of granite consist of unique crystals, color variations and depth. […]

How to Capitalize on the Best Kitchen Cabinets

29 Apr , 2014  

Q: When it comes to going in on kitchen cabinets, I know that it’s a big investment. How can I be sure to make the best decision? A: Kitchen cabinets are one of the more expensive updates you can make to your kitchen, but keep in mind they also make the most difference in the […]

Kitchen Lighting: Factors to Remember

23 Apr , 2014  

Q: Every kitchen I walk in has different types of lights throughout. Why is kitchen lighting so important to think about? A: Kitchen lighting is often over-looked when it comes to renovations or designing updates, and only later do homeowners realize the impact of not having thought through lighting options. Here are some tips to […]

2014 Home-A-Rama is Around the Corner

21 Apr , 2014  

While it’s hard to believe, another great Home-A-Rama event is less than 2 months away!  Each year the Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI) puts on the Home-A-Rama event to showcase the latest building trends and innovations. Centered on 5 newly constructed homes, Home-A-Rama offers the public a chance to tour state-of-the-art builds, and learn more about the companies […]

Concrete Countertops Increase Aesthetic Appeal and Home Value

17 Apr , 2014  

Q: I’ve seen a lot concrete on Houzz and Pinterest and while it looks super intriguing, I’m really curious about how well homes with concrete countertops resell. A: Concrete as a material in homes has been growing as a trend over the past 10 years, moving from West to East throughout the US. To share […]

Choose the Right Basement Flooring

15 Apr , 2014  

Q: We have recently become homeowners and want to finish our basement. What are good options for flooring? A: Your basement flooring options don’t have to be different from flooring options elsewhere. In fact, everything from ceramics to hardwood can serve your basement well. Here are a few tips on how to decide which type of […]

Bamboo Wood Flooring Guide

10 Apr , 2014  

Q: We’ve heard that bamboo is actually a grass rather than a wood and are really intrigued by its durability. Can you tell us more?  A: Bamboo is one of the most popular flooring choices today for many reasons—it’s very durable, it’s sustainable and it’s simply beautiful. Here are a few other details about bamboo […]

2014’s Top Home Organization Trends

8 Apr , 2014  

Q: I have a lot of big ideas for home renovations but my budget doesn’t necessarily match. What are some tips for helping me stick with the basics but still have some fun?    A: The big three trends this season are probably just what you need to help you organize your thoughts on this one! […]

2014 Kitchen Countertop Choices that Will Surprise You

4 Apr , 2014  

Q: How can we bring that “wow” factor into our kitchen with countertops? A: Homeowners are finding that there is a wide variety of countertop and customization options for them if they want to change things up in the kitchen. We’ve gone through some of the most interesting trends in 2014 to give you some […]

10 Tips for Going Green in Your Renovation

2 Apr , 2014  

Q: What are some ways I can go green with my renovation projects from flooring to counters to cabinets? A: Going green has been a popular trend among many high-end homeowners, but these days there are options for everyone. We’ve sifted through some of the top ideas on the market now to deliver you ten […]

Kitchen Trends to Consult in Your Spring Renovation Plans

28 Mar , 2014  

Q: What are some of the top kitchen ideas trending this spring? A: Kitchen trends in 2014 are bold, bright and open. We are seeing some really interesting patterns when it comes to what is popular this spring. You are going to want to make sure your kitchen stands out for all the right reasons, […]

Get Ready for the 2014 Home-A-Rama

26 Mar , 2014  

Each year, the Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis puts on the Home-A-Rama event to showcase the latest building trends and innovations. Centered on 5 newly constructed homes, Home-A-Rama offers the public a chance to tour state-of-the-art builds, and learn more about the companies behind the designs. Companies around the city have been hard at work […]

Unique Storage Solutions to Include with Your Kitchen Reno

25 Mar , 2014  

Q: We want the best kitchen cabinets we can get for our renovation this spring, but we want to make sure we get good storage options too. Any ideas on achieving both? A: It is 100 percent possible to achieve the best of storage and design when it comes to selecting your kitchen cabinets. When […]

Quartz Will Make More than Your Counters Sparkle

21 Mar , 2014  

Q: Granite is good but we want something that’s more durable yet still has the look of lux and act of class. What can you recommend? A: When looking at stone options, you will rarely be disappointed in your selection, but if you’re set on something other than granite, you would be remiss to overlook […]

Narrow Spacing in the Bathroom? Not an Obstacle for TAC!

19 Mar , 2014  

Q: Our narrow bathroom is perplexing us when it comes to selecting and thinking about our renovation. Can you give us some tips for getting beyond this? A: Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but one shape that definitely can be worked with is the narrow one! With focus on the right color, furniture […]

Go Exotic with Your Bathroom Design

13 Mar , 2014  

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Q: We are looking for some inspiration from different corners of the world, namely some of our favorite vacation spots like Morocco or the Caymans. Any ideas? A: The spectrum of bathroom inspiration available is incredible.  Whether you are looking for an exotic Thai-themed tub and tile combo or a more subtle but equally alluring […]

Do a Double Take: Yes that’s Concrete in the Bathroom!

11 Mar , 2014  

Q: I’ve seen concrete among some more industrial designs and have been trying to collect ideas for how you’d take this concept and apply it to the bathroom. A: Concrete as a material throughout the home is making a comeback for sure. We see concrete countertops, concrete flooring options and even concrete used as décor […]

Bathroom Buzz: Get the Look of Wood with Ceramic Tile

6 Mar , 2014  

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Q: I have always wanted wood floors in the bathroom, but I know it’s not among the most practical of ideas. What other options are out there? A: It probably won’t come as a surprise that ceramic tile, with its wide versatility and myriad colors and designs has now been crafted to resemble the familiar […]

About Wood: Butcher Block and More on the Countertop

4 Mar , 2014  

Q: What are some options for carrying out a rustic, cabin-feel in the kitchen when it comes to countertops? We’re thinking butcher block but want a few ideas on what you can do with it. A: Butcher block used to be a material that was relegated to, well, butchering and that, pretty much, was its […]

Why You Should Include a Hardwood Floor

28 Feb , 2014  

Q: Everybody I talk to says that hardwood floors are a must have. Why is this? As a company that helps you get the dream home you’ve wanted through renovation and the best of materials, we have the privilege of working with people in all of the stages of designing, building and/or updating their homes. […]

Take Your Bathroom from Small, Mediocre to Awesome, Unforgettable

24 Feb , 2014  

Q: My bathroom’s small, but I know it has potential. Any ideas on helping it make that great impression? A: The size of your bathroom never needs to be a reason why you can’t have a great bathroom. We have some great tips to offer that will make going for the bathroom renovation an easy […]

4 Trends for Bathrooms

18 Feb , 2014  

Q: How can I focus my bathroom renovation project? I’m overwhelmed by all the options! As more and more people choose to remodel the bathroom, they are discovering the instant improvement added to both their living space and home value. As you consider what you want to do with your bathroom renovation, here are the […]

How to Recognize When Your Kitchen is Telling You to Renovate

9 Feb , 2014  

 Q: How will I know when I should renovate my kitchen? A: If you are a homeowner, the question of when to renovate can pop up at any time, regardless of how long you’ve lived there.  The key is knowing when the change you want is worth the time, effort and planning it will take […]

Don’t Overlook This When Renovating Your Bathroom!

4 Feb , 2014  

Q: What’s the best way to ensure I get the best bathroom renovation? A: When it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are a host of repairs, updates and changes you can introduce, but if you negect the floors, you’re going to regret it! In fact, the floor of your bathroom should be one fo […]

Why you Should Set Your Sights on Ceramic Tile Kitchen Floors

31 Jan , 2014  

Q:  What are some options I would find in ceramic tile as a material for my kitchen floors? A: Ceramic tiles for kitchen floors have become a must have in home buyers’ kitchens. Whether you prefer glazed, porcelain, quarry or mosaic, these tiles are versatile and come in an array of designs, colors and shapes. A […]

The Why behind the Kitchen Reno

23 Jan , 2014  

Q: We have thought of remodeling our kitchen but would like to know what reasons others have for going for it. A: The reasons are plenty! But as a homeowner, you will not only be thinking of all the benefits—it’s those uncertainties about outcome, length of time, the unexpected and more that might keep your […]

Don't Let Your Bathroom Go Stale

21 Jan , 2014  

Q: Where do I start to get my bathroom in order in the New Year? A: You might be like many others after the holidays contemplating how you can update a room in your home that catches a lot of attention—and the bathroom is a great place to start if you are. That being said, […]

How to Choose Natural Stone

16 Jan , 2014  

Q: How do I choose the right natural stone material for my renovation projects at home? Natural stone has been used as a material for the interior of homes for a long time now. It is used for walls tiling and floor tiling, wall columns, countertops, fireplaces, and other interior design elements. Choosing the right […]

Find it or Fashion it Feng Shui in the Kitchen

14 Jan , 2014  

Q: How can I use Feng Shui in my kitchen renovation?  A: Signifying the art of living in harmony, Feng Shui is rooted in ancient wisdom and philosophy of China. In compliance with living principles and ancient wisdom, this prehistoric school of thought believes in creating a flow of positive energy, which is harmonious for […]

Putting the Puzzle Together on Selecting Hardwood Floors

9 Jan , 2014  

Q: Can you give me a few tips on how to select hardwood floors for our renovation? A: Timeless beauty, clean lines, strength and durability as well as the ease of cleaning and the classic look make hardwood flooring the perfect choice for your home. No matter what your personal style is, there is a […]

Back to the Beginning: The Basic Kitchen Plan

7 Jan , 2014  

Q: What are the most common kitchen plan designs? A: The basic kitchen plan, in other words, the classic kitchen design comes in one of the following designs—the u-shape, the L-shape, the island and the peninsula designs. In addition to designs, other basic kitchen plans deal with how you treat your space, be it walking […]

2014 Kitchen Trends

2 Jan , 2014  

Q: What trends are pushing the top for 2014 in countertops, flooring and cabinetry? A: Looking into the future is always exciting at the beginning of the year, which is why we particularly love this question! Here are a four big trends we are fairly confident will be striking it big when it comes to […]

Soapstone Countertops–High Appeal, High Quality

30 Dec , 2013  

Q: What is the appeal and advantage of using soapstone as a countertop material? A: Soapstone countertops offer a lot of great qualities not to mention looking fantastic in your dream kitchen. Not only do these type countertops look wonderful, they’re also one of the most durable and maintenance-free countertops you can choose. Why are […]

Repairing Your Hardwood Floors

26 Dec , 2013  

Q: Can you give me a few tips on managing with scratches, stains and general maintenance for my new hardwood floors? A: You already know that that hardwood floors increase the value of your home, and in the same way , if your wood floors are damaged they could actually detract from your home’s overall […]

Kitchen Tips: Cleaning Butcher Block Countertops

24 Dec , 2013  

Q: I love my new butcher block countertops, but I’m not sure what the best approach is for taking care of them. A: Natural hardwoods set off kitchen fixtures and floorings beautifully, which is why they are so popular, so you’ll definitely want to be sure to follow a few simple rules when it comes […]

Prevent Water Damage in the Bathroom

23 Dec , 2013  

Q: How can I ensure that my bathroom stays “waterproof?” A: One of the best things you can do to help keep your bathroom protected against water-related damage is to inspect it every 2-3 months. Here are a few easy to perform inspection ideas that can help prevent potential water damage caused by the bathtub, […]

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Tips

20 Dec , 2013  

Q: Are there any specific ways I should be cleaning my kitchen cabinets? A: Kitchen cabinets are located in one of the most dirt-prone areas of the home—the kitchen. Grease, food spills, and splattered food result from cooking. In addition, dirty or sticky hands from both children and adults can quickly dirty your cabinetry. Cleaning […]

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

18 Dec , 2013  

Q: What kinds of things should I think through when it comes to choosing kitchen lighting? A: Kitchen cabinets lights were once considered purely functional fixtures whose only purpose was to providing lighting for shelves and work areas beneath cabinets.  Utility as an only goal has changed a great deal, and as today’s larger homes […]

Various Types of Countertops and Vanities

17 Dec , 2013  

Q: Can you walk me through a few basics on countertops and vanity options for kitchen and bathroom renovations? A: Finding the perfect countertop for your kitchen and the perfect vanity for your bathroom are excellent ways to ensure renovation with style. Kitchens and bathrooms are perhaps the most used parts of the house, so […]

Ideas for Distinctive Bathrooms Keep Flowing

16 Dec , 2013  

Q: How can I add more style and sophistication to my just-functional bathroom? A: Traditionally, bathrooms have been designed to be functional, but have often lacked the style and sophistication that is characteristic of those you see today. Today’s homeowners are investing more money remodeling their bathrooms and turning them into a place for retreat […]

All About Bamboo Flooring

13 Dec , 2013  

Q: Is bamboo the right type of material for us for our new flooring project? A: Bamboo is a quickly growing type of grass found all over the world that features durable, hollow cored stems. These stems are used to make a wide variety of items, including furniture, fishing rods, and flooring. The Material Bamboo […]

Various Types of Flooring for Homes

12 Dec , 2013  

Q: What are the various types of flooring material (other than linoleum) available to us for our flooring project? A: With so many types of flooring available, it may seem hard to choose which type of flooring material to go with, especially if you find yourself liking them all! Making this decision can be easier […]

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