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Quartz Versus Granite: Which is the Better Countertop?

12 Sep , 2015  

Murphy Remodel

For years, granite has been the standard when it comes to high-end countertops. Homeowners have turned to granite to add beauty to their kitchen and add value to their homes. Lately, however, quartz countertops have become more and more popular, and we’re seeing them show up in more and more kitchens. Quartz or Granite? Which […]

Kitchens | Pendant Lighting Brings Style and Illumination

19 Aug , 2015  

Pendant Light

When it comes to kitchen lighting, pendant lights are a great choice for blending function and style. Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling, and work well over a counter top or island to provide lighting for food preparation and service. With pendant lighting, an odd number of lights is usually preferable. We recommend installing […]

How the Janka Hardness Scale Can Help You Choose Your Flooring

11 Aug , 2015  

There are seemingly endless options when it comes to hardwood flooring. Many people think that color and grain is the only thing that differentiates the various varieties of wood, but there’s more to it than that. Different types of wood have various levels of hardness, and that can be a big factor in determining whether […]


Before & After | 3 Kitchen Updates with Major Impact

29 Jul , 2015  

A common misconception about remodeling your kitchen is that you need to tear out and completely change everything to transform the space. Oftentimes, it only takes a few kitchen updates to make a big difference in your kitchen. My team recently completed a project with Nyla Kurtz of MD Dezinz in which three kitchen updates made a […]


What NOT to Use to Clean Hardwood Floors

14 Jul , 2015  

What Not to Use to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

You’ve invested in your home by adding beautiful hardwood floors. Now you have to determine: how will you keep your floors looking beautiful? What is the best way to clean hardwood floors? Over the years, we’ve seen lovely floors damaged because the wrong products have been used to clean and maintain them. Here are some […]

cabinets, Kitchens

Complete Kitchen Makeover with Semi-Custom Cabinets

22 Jun , 2015  

Many homeowners are looking for ways to open up space in their home. Instead of a closed-off environment, more and more people are choosing an open floor plan that makes the home feel more spacious. In a recent kitchen remodel, we were able to do this exact thing for our client. We took a closed […]

3 Ways Home Automation Can Simplify Your Life

17 Jun , 2015  

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve left your home and you’re halfway to work when it hits you: did you lock your front door? Then you have to decide, do you drive back home and check it? Do you head to work, but worry about the safety of your home all day? Home automation […]

3 Shower Design Ideas for Your Master Bathroom

26 May , 2015  

Shower Design Ideas - The Affordable Companies

Bathrooms have come a long way since plumbing moved indoors. The bathroom is not just a functional space; it’s a place to show off your personal style. I am always interested in seeing what direction bathroom design is headed, and what new trends are on the horizon. The shower is one spot in the bathroom […]

Total Transformation | Master Bathroom Before and After

13 May , 2015  

Juleen Bathroom Vanity Before and After

When we work on a bathroom remodel, we always have two goals in mind. Of course, we want to create a space that looks beautiful. But perhaps more importantly, we want to create a space that meets all of our clients’ needs. When we work with clients who have purchased a home that was designed […]

What is Semi-Custom Cabinetry?

23 Apr , 2015  

Medallion Cabinets

I meet many homeowners who dream of having custom cabinets in their kitchen. I can’t say that I blame them; who wouldn’t love to have cabinets specifically designed for their space? Fully custom cabinets offer maximum flexibility, but they are also the most expensive cabinet option. These cabinets don’t always fit our clients’ budget. How […]

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Brings Style and Durability

6 Apr , 2015  

Shaw Floorte | The Affordable Companies

If I told you to picture vinyl flooring, you would probably conjure up images of your grandmother’s kitchen floor, with an ugly pattern and plenty of cracks and peeling. Vinyl flooring doesn’t usually make people think of style and luxury. However, vinyl flooring products have come a long way since your grandmother’s kitchen! There are […]

What Does a Kitchen Remodel REALLY Cost?

25 Mar , 2015  

Drew Kitchen Remodel

When I talk with clients about kitchen renovation, one of their biggest concerns is always the cost. This is understandable; remodeling a kitchen is a big investment. Having an idea of how much your project will cost can help you determine if it’s the right time to remodel, and what options you have. I’ve assembled […]

A Bathroom Remodel Combines Style and Function

10 Mar , 2015  

before after

When we renovate a space, we’re not just taking out old fixtures and flooring and putting in new ones. We’re updating and transforming the space into something that is stylish and more functional than the previous design. I think this recent bathroom remodel is a great example of how a remodel not only makes a […]


Frameless Cabinetry Provides Style and Storage Space

25 Feb , 2015  

frameless cabinets

Frameless cabinetry provides many benefits, both structural and aesthetic. These cabinets allow for unique and effective storage solutions that will only continue to grow in popularity. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this style of cabinetry. Storage Because frameless cabinets do not have the face frame that you see on traditional […]

Bathrooms, Kitchens

Favorite Faucets for Your Kitchen and Bath

11 Feb , 2015  


Faucets exist to serve a purpose; they deliver the water we use for bathing and cooking. But faucets are so much more than a functional item. If you’ve got basic, boring faucets, you’re missing out on a chance to make a statement. Need some inspiration? Here are a few of my favorite faucet trends. For […]


5 Things to Consider When Choosing Flooring

28 Jan , 2015  


With so many flooring options available today, it can be hard to determine which material is the best fit for your home. Hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile, and other materials all have great features, but the right choice for your home is the one that will meet all of your needs. So how do you figure […]


Flooring Trend Predictions for 2015

13 Jan , 2015  

Flooring Trends

Each new year brings new trends in the world of home interiors. And as always, there are some trends that fizzle out in a few years and some that will look great for years to come. What do we think will stand the test of time in 2015 and beyond? Here are some of my […]


Master Bathroom Transformation

17 Dec , 2014  


I think one of the best ways to highlight what we do at The Affordable Companies is to show you a before-and-after of one of our projects. With a few changes, we can really update and transform a space. A great example is this recent master bathroom remodel. In this particular project, we worked with […]

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Kitchen Backsplashes That Make a Statement

11 Dec , 2014  


One of the best ways to keep your kitchen from appearing boring and bland is to install a creative backsplash. A backsplash is paneling placed on the wall behind your stove or countertops. The functional purpose of a backsplash is to protect your wall from splashed liquids, but I think the real purpose of a […]

Choosing Carpets | Going Beyond Beige

25 Nov , 2014  

Carpet for your home

With so many options available for flooring these days, it’s easy to overlook carpet when choosing the right surface for your home. Many clients I talk to think of carpet as beige, bland, and boring. There are lots of boring ways to do carpet, but carpet has also come a long way since the shag […]

How to Remodel a Small Bathroom

12 Nov , 2014  

Kitchen, Bathroom Lighting

In many homes, I see people making the mistake of treating the smaller bathrooms as an afterthought. Just because a space is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impact. Your half-bath may not be where you spend the most time, but it’s the one guests are most likely to see. With some […]

Kitchen Lighting Trends

27 Oct , 2014  

Kitchen, Bathroom Lighting

If there’s an area of your home that needs good lighting, it’s your kitchen. You need to be able to see well when you’re cooking, so your food is made properly and no one loses a finger. But what’s the right choice for your kitchen? There are lots of options available, and choosing the right […]

4 Reasons to Choose Tile Flooring

14 Oct , 2014  

When it comes to choosing flooring in your home, the variety of choices can be overwhelming. You have to find the right combination of value, style, and long-term wear. You’ll be living with your floor for a long time; you want it to look great and hold up. For many people, tile flooring is a […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hardwood Flooring

27 Aug , 2014  

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

For centuries, homes have been using hardwood floors to create an elegant look while remaining durable – in fact, there are some homes that have been built in the 19th century that still have their original hardwood flooring, and the floors look just as beautiful as they did in the 1800’s! But in order for […]

How to Get the Right Flooring for Your House

27 Aug , 2014  

Carpet for your home

Q: What’s the secret to getting the right flooring for my home? A: It does seem like there must be a secret to finding the perfect floor. Pretty much every homeowner whether in the building stage or renovation stage dreams of living in that home with perfect, even enviable, flooring.  But don’t be bewildered by […]

Why Should You Have Stone Countertops?

26 Aug , 2014  

Q: We are ready to go big on our kitchen countertops—what should we consider when it comes to stone options? A: The look is rich, the feel is luxurious and the material is durable.  These are just a few reasons why you should select stone countertops. Whether selecting stone from the slab or produced as […]

Get the Basics on Granite

25 Aug , 2014  

Q: Tell me more about granite—I’m curious, but want more details on why it’s one of the better options as a material for our renovations around the home. A: You’ve come to the right place! If you want to know all about granite including the basics, key characteristics and the processing manner, The Affordable Companies […]

Four Status Symbols for the Snazzy Kitchen

19 Aug , 2014  

Q: What are some popular ways to update my kitchen affordably while maintaining pizzazz? A: Yes, the age-old obsession with status symbols has finally found a welcome home in the kitchen, which is now a hotbed for name-brand appliances, luxury materials and custom work. No matter your budget, making your kitchen look like a million […]

Consider the Advantages of Wood Countertops

12 Aug , 2014  

Q: Are wood countertops a good option for my kitchen? A: Wood counter tops are actually a consistently good choice for the modern kitchen, and come with a variety of advantages. From aesthetics to durability, let The Affordable Companies educate you on the best of wood and why it might be the right choice for […]

Transform Your Stairs with StareCasing™ Hardwood Overlays

11 Aug , 2014  

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Because of its versatile style, natural feeling and durable structure, hardwood has remained a trendy building material for stair structures. While they are very beautiful, solid wood staircases can come with a hefty price tag that can be a deterrent to some homeowners. But now, there’s a new product on the market that can give […]

Resilient Flooring Gaining Popularity

11 Aug , 2014  

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Like everything in this world, trends in flooring change year-to-year, month-to-month. To be one of the best flooring companies in Carmel, we have to stay on top of these trends. Because we are aware of these new trends and styles, our customers can be assured our staff will bring a wealth of knowledge during our […]

Caring for Your Hardwood Floor

7 Aug , 2014  

Q: How should I take care of our newly installed hardwood floors? A: Hardwood floors are an excellent investment for any home, promoting resale value and interior warmth. However, if the floors are not properly cared for, this investment won’t pay off well. Hardwood floors are not hard to maintain, and compared with carpet and […]

Avoid the Mold Menace by Doing Your Floors Right

5 Aug , 2014  

Avoid the Mold Menace by Doing Your Floors Right Q: I know that mold isn’t “good,” but what are the real dangers that I should be aware of when it comes to getting started on a flooring renovation? A: It’s important to get your floors done right from the get-go. Starting on the right foot […]

How to Deal with Stress during a Renovation

30 Jul , 2014  

For most of us, our home is our sanctuary, where we can get away from the pressures of work and can relax among the people who love us. Having workers in the home takes away a lot of the sense of privacy critical to the enjoyment of our homes and the relaxation of the day. […]

4 Tips for Your Home Renovation

29 Jul , 2014  

 My space needs some sprucing up, but I’m afraid of a big renovation project. Is there any way to make it easier?  A:  Taking on a renovation may seem like a daunting task. We can ease the strain on both your mind and your wallet with these four tips! 1. Plan Ahead.  Renovations change the […]

Avoid These 4 Bathroom Blunders by Doing it Right with TAC

24 Jul , 2014  

Q: I’m considering a renovation for my bathroom. Is it a bad idea to try it myself? A: Every year thousands of homeowners decide to renovate their bathrooms. Don’t tackle the project yourself! You can avoid the following common bathroom blunders by working with the professionals at The Affordable Companies! 1. Problems.  Something could go […]

Avoid These 4 Bathroom Blunders by Doing it Right with TAC

24 Jul , 2014  

Q: I’m considering a renovation for my bathroom. Is it a bad idea to try it myself? A: Every year thousands of homeowners decide to renovate their bathrooms. Don’t tackle the project yourself! You can avoid the following common bathroom blunders by working with the professionals at The Affordable Companies! 1. Problems.  Something could go […]

Four Fantastic Trends for Home Renovations in 2014

21 Jul , 2014  

Q:  What are some of the most common renovations other homeowners are having done in their homes today? A: Your home has the most value of any asset you own, both financially and personally. After all, most of your time is spent at home, so we understand how important getting renovations done right are. Whether […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Property Renovations

21 Jul , 2014  

Q: I want to renovate my property. How do I get the most value for my money? A.  A renovation will increase the value of the home. However, the amount of increase depends on the degree of renovation and the costs involved. More money spent on renovation does not always translate to a greater added […]

The Dollar Difference: How to Add Value during the Renovation

17 Jul , 2014  

Q: How do I make my dollar go as far as I can in our next renovation? A: As far as your next renovation project goes, it’s not the scale of the changes that you make. Instead, the deciding factor should be the impact that is created. With this mindset, you need not spend thousands […]

How to Deal with Stress during a Renovation

15 Jul , 2014  

How to Deal with Stress during a Renovation Q: What tips do you give to those dealing with stress during renovations? A: The number of factors that might cause stress during a renovation are many, but The Affordable Companies wants to minimize the stress you experience and to provide tips on dealing with it if […]

Renovations that Add Comfort and Value

10 Jul , 2014  

Q: What are some renovations that will add both comfort and value to our home? A: Comfort and value are two of the top priorities to both homeowners and homebuyers.  There are some renovations that can add both comfort and value at the same time, making them ideal projects. The Affordable Companies can make these […]

ROI and Your Bathroom or Kitchen Reno

7 Jul , 2014  

 ROI and Your Bathroom or Kitchen Reno Q: What return on investment can I expect from a kitchen or bathroom renovation? A: Of all the spaces in your home, choosing to improve your kitchen or bath will make the most difference and add the most value to the overall feel of your dwelling. Here are […]

Up the Value on Your Home with 30+ Midrange and Upscale Home Improvement Project Ideas

1 Jul , 2014  

Looking to improve the value of your home? The Affordable Companies wants to make it easy for you to do so! Remodeling Magazine just posted its invaluable database of home improvement projects and detailed data on how specific projects can improve the resale value of your home! To read the full article, click Cost vs. […]

Three Budget Renovations that Deliver the Look of Lux

26 Jun , 2014  

Q: Do I always have to spend a lot of money to get a luxurious look? A. Affordable luxury is our mission! No matter what you’re looking for, Affordable Companies works within your budget to deliver results you will love! Getting the look and feel of luxury may be simpler than you think. Here are […]

Simple Countertop Comparisons

24 Jun , 2014  

Q: I have no idea where to start when it comes to kitchen countertops. How can I get some clarity? A:  With all the selections available for kitchen countertops, choosing one is no easy task! Let us at The Affordable Companies guide you with some comparison-shopping and help make your vision a reality! Kitchen Countertop […]

Relax with The Four Rules of Renovation

19 Jun , 2014  

Q: What are some tips that can help me relax when it comes to our kitchen renovation? A: We understand the importance of bringing your vision to reality.  While this can be a stressful time, our job is to make everything easy and stress-free from start to finish. Relax and enjoy the process and progress […]

Getting Ready for Your Renovation

17 Jun , 2014  

Q: What can I do to get ready for our renovation with The Affordable Companies? A: Getting ready for a renovation is a group effort. Knowing what you can do and expect goes a long way towards feeling prepared before any renovation! What Can You Do? Find new locations for the refrigerator and furniture. If […]

Focus on the Functional Factor when Designing Your New Bathroom

10 Jun , 2014  

Q: What’s the most important thing to think about when it comes to my bathroom renovation? A: Often times the design of bathrooms are not given much consideration. Many people focus on the décor of the bathroom, while neglecting the functional design. Of course, depending on the type of bathroom you’re building, you will need […]

Bathroom Tiles and the Best Bathroom Design Ideas

5 Jun , 2014  

Q: What are my options when it comes to bathroom tiles and designs? A: Your bathroom tile sets the tone for the space. Creating a mood with tile can lend a unique character to your bathroom. What’s more, today you aren’t limited by colors, shapes, or even finishes when it comes to your options—which might […]

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